Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Tuscan Farm Table

~So one evening while having dinner out on the back deck, someone said, "Wouldn't it be nice to have one of those big Tuscan style farm tables for our big family dinners?" Next thing ya know, hubby built one for us. It's nice and big and sturdy so when the little kids come, they can't lean on it and tip it over. Nice and big for lots of people which is what we usually have here during the summer on Old Cape Cod. Made from pressure treated pine, he joined the top pieces with biscuits and glue and then sealed the seams with something or other. He made two holes to accommodate two umbrellas. There was much discussion about the placement of the holes. We all thought they were too far apart. We came close to taking bets it. usual, hubby knew what he was doing and the day that six of us carried the big table out to the back deck, the umbrellas fit perfectly. We christened it that night with a family dinner as you can see by the pics. The baked stuffed shrimp and beef tenderloin was our first meal.

~Lots of folks arrived this week for the big, annual Falmouth Road Race. Over 9,000 registered runners. The new table will be perfect because eating is a big part of every road race celebration. This year, we'll be celebrating Tuscan style!