Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Thought It Was Spring?

Isn't spring supposed to be warm and sunny? Did Cape Cod forget how to have spring? After a straight week of dreary cloudy skies and constant threat of rain (and then some actual rain) we finally had a gorgeous day yesterday. We put it to use and worked so hard outside that our bodies were sobbing by dinner time. Woke up this morning and thought we were in for another beautiful day. Hubby and I sat out on the back deck in our new zero gravity chairs and soaked up some rays while having our morning coffee. Nice. Got started on taking out the summer furniture for the deck, washing everything in nice hot water in the nearby outdoor shower. But, by noon, the clouds rolled in and the day ended up threatening rain and very chilly, indeed. As I sit here writing, the sky is gray and foreboding. I don't like it.
I decided instead of complaining about the weather earlier in the week that I would put my indoors time to good use and sew. It's a bit hard right now to throw myself into a sewing project because the kids will be here soon, and for the time that my sewing room turns into a guest room, I put everything away and out of sight. Soooo, I don't feel like making a huge mess as I usually do when I sew, only to have to clean it up. I had a yard and a half of a pretty white on white fabric that told me it wanted to be a pretty peasant blouse. Voila! Here it is.
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I wonder what tomorrow will bring? I hate the uncertainty about the weather. We're getting down to the wire now with daughters, son-in-law and grandchildren arriving soon. The air conditioners need to be put back into the windows, beds need to be made up, quilts aired out, bathrooms cleaned, windows know the drill. I need sunshine to do all this! I'm getting depressed! Isn't it supposed to be spring?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Memorial Day has come and gone.

Not only does our little town of Falmouth memorialize its fallen veterans on Memorial Day, but each year, that day signals the beginning of summer here on Cape Cod. The added traffic on the streets and in the stores is evident. Families gather not only to celebrate but to open up their summer homes and begin the best months of the year. Flags were flying all over town yesterday. Three of our neighbors who live behind us, have huge flag poles. I love seeing the red white and blue flapping in the wind each morning when I get up and look out the window. Our flag hangs on the front porch, flat against the house. I like the way that looks as well.
Funny tidbit...the first year we hung the flag against the house, we had a visit from an elderly gentlemen. He had a little "flag rules" booklet with him and very politely and gently, informed us that we had committed a grievous error by hanging our flag with the field of stars in the wrong direction. "Left is right," he told us. The field should always hang on the left side when the flag is displayed flat against a building.
Fair enough. I've never forgotten that visit. I often ride by a home or business and am tempted to stop and inform the inhabitants that their flag is not displayed properly. It's an important symbol and justly deserves proper respect.
We spent most of Memorial Day, working on the house. (What's new?) I tackled the attic again, sorting and moving things around, still with high hopes of maybe, just maybe, having a yard sale at the end of June. Hubby painted the door sills in the new kitchen. A little sun time and then it was off to a barbecue at our daughter and son-in-law's house just around the corner. All in all, a productive weekend with a nice finale.
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Somehow in the midst....
of all the work we have to do around here, I managed to whip up another apron. This one is a half apron, made out of
Amy Butler's "Seeds in Okra" with her "Royal Garden in Turquoise" fabric for the pocket. One thing about making half aprons is that I find I can spend a bit more time being fancy with the pocket. This one has a "V" opening with a ruffle (see close-up). It's cute. I like it. Check out the details at
It seems like there is just sooooooo much to do each spring to get the house ready for summer. I like to be relaxed when our daughters and their families are around. But, I have this "fault" that prohibits me from enjoying myself unless all the basics are taken care of. In other words, I can't enjoy myself at the beach, or sitting on the porch, or going shopping...things like that...unless the trim paint is touched up, the windows are washed, the decks are painted, the outdoor furniture is bleached and scrubbed, the flower beds are weeded and edged and the lawn is in good shape. Not to mention the guest rooms being scrubbed from top to bottom along with the guest bathroom. This year, we have some extra projects. The garage doors are looking sad, the front fence needs repair, and our favorite zero gravity chairs are showing peeling paint and worn out supports. I'm guessing it will all get done, but I have my doubts about the yard sale I'd planned for the last weekend in June. Just one look at the attic and I cower in fear of how much time and effort it will take to get all that stuff organized, priced and set out for a sale. My big ambitions might have to wait a year.
The problem is age old; not enough energy. We're slow starters and we peak after about two hours. It's rather frustrating when I think of the things we once were able to accomplish in half the time it takes now. I've been trying to discipline myself lately to get outdoors first thing on nice days. It worked yesterday, but this morning, I ended up sitting in that zero gravity chair for over an hour, sipping coffee and enjoying the warm sun on my face.
We'll probably end up getting everything done but it won't be without some stress. Such is life on Cape Cod in the summer.
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On a serious note...a "Thank You" to all those whose sacrifice we memorialize on this Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.....

Arrived home on Monday late afternoon, to sunny skies and green grass. Lots of Violets blooming in the flower beds. Our Bleeding Heart plant is huge this year and the cluster of Narcissus that forms the corner under the Rose of Sharon is in full glory. The inside of the house looked wonderful. Our dear friend, Robin, had come in before our arrival and spiffed everything up so that the furniture was clean and free of dust and everything looked welcoming. She had even swept the front porch, set out the summer chairs and hung a red Impatiens plant on the porch beam.

Our daughter, who lives around the corner, had filled the fridge with milk, coffee cream, cold beer, a homemade mac 'n cheese casserole and a beautiful homemade carrot cake! And, our dear son-in-law had made me very happy by mowing the lawn. I had feared we'd come home to tall grass and dandelions on the front yard. It was a nice welcome, indeed.

Our home on the Cape is completely different in decor than our Florida condo. Since the house is nearing 300 years old, we have tried to keep it in a colonial style while adding some of the more subtle modern twists that make life enjoyable. It's as if we enter a completely new life when we come back here. Unlike Florida, there is much to do each and every day in order to keep this place up. It nudges us as soon as we wake up in the morning, with reminders of what needs to be done. We started on Tuesday with the flower beds, painting the fence, washing and bleaching the outdoor furniture and trimming some of the hydrangea bushes. As we progressed around the property, we kept adding to our list of things needing to be done. It actually felt good to be productive. Although we love and enjoy our four months in Florida, we do get complacent which is not good for our waistlines. It's impossible to become complacent here on the Cape. My mind is whirling with things that I want to accomplish before the summer gang arrives.

Although hubby's back isn't much better, we've discovered there are a lot of things he can do while sitting. He painted the fence around the cottage garden in front of the house this week and also sanded and painted the old fridge in the garage that we fire up in the summer to hold drinks and extras for the grandchildren. And he trimmed a lot of the bushes around the house while in a sitting position.

It will be a while before I get back to the sewing machine. I still haven't unpacked the many parcels of clothing, shoes, fabric, books, etc. that we towed back from Florida. I honestly don't understand why we cart so much stuff. It never changes, even with the best intentions.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

I did it!

I actually got one more top sewn before I pack up my sewing stuff for the trip home. It's another "one shoulder strap" baby-doll top in a pretty sheer print that reminds me of the jungle. I named it Jungle Sheer. It's frothy and frilly and happy with an added thin shell button to the handmade fabric rose and a little touch of feathers to add interest. I really like this top. Such fun to make things that although I can't wear them myself, I can imagine them on just the right person.

Spent the better part of today stripping the patio of all its adornment, including the tiny white lights that make it look so pretty at night. I washed all the empty flower pots and brought in the wrought iron folding chairs and table. Since hubby is laid up, I'll have to do most of the travel prep myself. I'm making an effort to do a little each day so as not to be overwhelmed at the last minute. We're looking toward a schedule of leaving here on Saturday and arriving in NY on Sunday. Then on home to the Cape on Monday. I hear the grass is very green and growing. Hoping our grandson, Jonathan, will get it mowed before we return.

Hard to leave this gorgeous Florida weather. It's usually too hot here by now for us, but this year, the temps have been much lower and it's just about perfect right now.

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Friday, May 1, 2009


May 1st. How did that happen? It's about time for us to start packing up for the trip back home. Our daughter, Joanne, who lives right around the corner, reports that our lawn is very green and very thick. Time to mow. It's amazing how lush the lawn always looks this time of year. Yet, by mid August, it's dry and thirsty.

I haven't been making much progress in my etsy shop lately. When I got my online etsy bill, it was so minuscule, that I got the message; I hadn't listed very many new items. It's not easy to stay indoors and sew on these beautiful Florida beach days. Discipline goes right out the window. We're the last ones here of our winter snow bird friends. It's quiet at the pool and there are few cars in the parking lot. I would imagine the year 'round residents would enjoy the respit during the summer months. But, many of them say it's too lonely. Today, I vow to make a blouse. Yes...that is my solemn vow.

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