Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Please Mr. Sun.....

~Seems I've been neglecting my blog lately. It's just that there's so much to do this time of year. Yard work, fall cleaning, yard work, sewing, yard work. We've had a run of 7 days here on Cape Cod, of wet, rainy, cold, dreary weather. Even once it clears up, the leaf piles will be soaked, the flower beds will be mushy and the pile of cuttings we started before the rain will be a rotten mess.

~Today, I actually raked wet leaves in the rain, just to get some air. I have a chronic need to be outdoors and a week trapped in the house is about all my nerves can take. Oh...I kept busy. I made four new aprons for my online shop (pictured here), refinished the top of the dining room table and coaxed hubby into painting the walls and old wood floor in our little bathroom off the hallway near our bedroom. So the nasty weather week hasn't been wasted.

~But I've had enough of it to last me for a while. Please, Mr. Sun...please come out?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day!

~I'm a nut when it comes to politics. Election day is one of my favorite days no matter what the mood of the country. On this note, I thought it fitting to republish a post I did earlier this year about Politics. Too often, I hear folks say...."I hate politics." Well...not so fast. The political process was set up for a reason. It is up to all of us to exercise our right to vote to keep it in tow and make it work for us. I am perhaps the most cynical person in the world. That cynicism keeps me focused and inquisitive. But I understand the concept of how the system was designed to ebb and flow. The political process can be our friend when we need laws to protect us. It can also be our enemy when it seeks to overreach and stifle our freedoms.
~On this election day, 2010, I've thought it might be a good idea to bring back my post on politics here.