Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Life for a Painter's Tarp

~Fabric is expensive...especially decorator fabric. Several years have past since I made a quickie slipcover for the the small, barrel swivel chair in our living room here in our little Florida condo. When I decided it was time for a new one, I was shocked to find that the necessary five yards, even at half price would cost me $75-$100. Now, that wouldn't be too bad if I was sure I could cut and sew a slipcover that I would be happy with in the end. But if I hated it when it was done, I couldn't take it back.

~Then, I remembered the cotton painter's tarp we bought last year at Lowe's. At the time, I remarked at what nice fabric it was; sturdy, woven cotton in a natural burlap color. And quite inexpensive. If I blew the construction of the slipcover, I would only be out fifteen or twenty dollars at the most.
~So...with the help of my husband who crafted a pattern out of shipping paper, and inspiration from reading Teresa's I started cutting and sewing. End result? We like it so much we're trying to figure out how to slipcover the sofa!
~Where there's a will, there's a way.

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