Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's a Puzzlement

     Have to admit that I'm puzzled about something.  I recently had a couple of guest bloggers who asked to post on my site.  After checking out what they wanted to do, I agreed.  I enjoyed both posts and thought they each fit into the theme and slant of my own thoughts.
     However, I have recently noticed that I'm getting comments on those posts from people who appear to be merely promoting their own links.  I wouldn't mind that, except a couple of them are not necessarily items I wish to promote so I've had to delete them!  Now I'm wondering if I've been duped! 
     Other than that, I've just been lazy about blogging lately.  Part of it is due to the fact that there always seems to be some sort of media taking my attention, be it talk radio,  television, my Ipod touch or just searching around on the computer. I used to like to write when I was alone and the house was quiet.  That rarely happens anymore except for early mornings and late evenings.  As I get older, I don't have the energy or zeal to be creative at either one of those times. I'm even getting lax about my apron business.  
      I guess there are two kinds of people in retirement; those who finally feel free to partake in all the activities they've been longing to do all their lives and those like my husband and myself, who find that just doing nothing at all is the best reward. For some reason, we're ridiculously content just hanging out, reading, doing projects around the house, going to the beach or sitting on the porch.  Maybe we're just lazy.  Whatever.  It is what it is.
Just thought I'd explain why I've been incognito for a while.    Although I seem to be on the computer all the time,  I just don't find myself in a creative mood to write anything!  I'm noticing that several of the bloggers I follow are slipping in their numbers of posts as well.  So I'll not kick myself too hard!