Friday, November 4, 2011


~SAD...Seasonal Affected Disorder...a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the autumn and winter year after year. thinks I see myself in this definition.
~For instance...the time changes back to Standard time this weekend. Happy to have the extra hour in the morning but not so much about the lack of light early in the evening. Sometimes, I wonder how I ever endured the winter months here in New England for most of my life. Not until we got to escape to sunny Florida each January, did I realize how "down" I get when the dreariness of winter sets in.

~Once upon a time, hubby and I enjoyed winter sports. We lived for snow so we could pile our skis into the car and brave the cold on some mountainside somewhere. It was a good way to spend quality time with our 4 children as well. And the clothes were cute.
~But now, the mere mention of snow and dropping temperatures depresses me. It means I can't ride my bike in the morning. It means I can't work outside in the yard. It means driving anywhere is going to be a pain in the neck. The trees are bare and the roadsides get messy with slush. I could whine about it all day.
~I will busy myself for now, decorating for Thanksgiving and then for Christmas. But after that, we're outta here...heading toward that sunshine that awaits us. Hmmm...warmth and sunshine. I like the sound of that.
~In the meantime, I'm also sewing aprons for the Holiday Gift Gallery that is held each year at the restored Highfield Hall mansion here in Falmouth. Part of each sale goes to benefit Highfield's restoration and the rest goes to little old me. Here's what I sewed up this week.

Bliss bouquet in teal

Meadowsweet Daisy Path

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