Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lazy, Hazy Days...

~I'm sort of feeling like a bum lately. I've had two aprons cut out and ready to sew for the past two weeks. I just keep looking at the sewing machine and walking right by it. Not sure if I'm getting really, really lazy or if it's the nice sunny weather that's luring me away. Usually, we have a span of a time while we are here in Florida that keeps the temperatures cool during the day, making it too chilly to sit out in the sun or venture off to the beach. It's still good for hubby's golf outings but I usually capitalize on those cooler days by revving up the sewing machine and firing off several new aprons. ~But this year has been different. I just keep walking by my fabric pile with hardly a glance. What is it about the nature of people of my generation that we have a compulsive need to always be productive? Being raised with a strong work ethic sure plays tricks on the mind. I feel extremely guilty when I'm not doing something worthwhile. Although I know that relaxing and enjoying life is a good thing, nevertheless, I feel almost naughty doing too much of it.

~Today, I vow to construct a new apron. I do. I vow. I will. Here I go. TTYL.

(One day later...)

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sink Reflections

~When I opened up my yahoo mail first thing this morning, there was an item taken from Real Simple magazine about how to keep your kitchen spotless. Easy, daily suggestions that will keep your counter tops and sink free of clutter. The details in the piece were taken from a book that I actually own called, "Sink Reflections." In it, the author, Marla Cilley, attempts to inspire her readers to begin with just one thing...the kitchen sink. Her theory is that if you keep your
sink clean, shiny and free of clutter, the resulting pleasure will prompt you to keep your counters clean and your appliances sparkling. She tempts you to adopt her mantra of never going to bed leaving a dirty sink. Your sink is the first thing you see each morning when you start your day. If it's dirty and full of clutter, that will affect your mood and mentality and how you proceed with everything else.
~I think it's great advice. Ms Cilley is absolutely correct. The kitchen sink greets me each and every morning. If I come into my kitchen and face dirty dishes sitting in the sink, the message is "You've got a day of mess ahead of you." If it's clean and shiny, I relax, pour my coffee and start to think positively about what I can accomplish that day. I'm not going backward. I'm going forward.
~Often, it's the smallest things that make or break a mood. Habits that may seem insignificant are sometimes the impetus that make us productive. Little things mean a lot.
~It is said that it only takes 28 days of repeating a function to form a habit. From my own experience, I find that to be true. I'm certainly not "Suzie Homemaker" or "Nancy Neat." But I do make it a habit to keep our sink clear of clutter, our counters wiped down and our appliances fingerprint free. It seems to keep me happy
and frees me up to do more productive things. A peaceful mind is a productive mind. I never go to bed without first making sure the kitchen sink is clean. Seeing my reflection in the sink each morning puts a smile on my face. The 28 days it took to form that habit was well worth the effort.
~I took these pictures of our kitchen sink here in Florida early this morning when I came downstairs.

~Put a smile on your face and send me a picture of your sink reflection.
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