Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Table

~Some scenarios are fortuitous. Some are just pure luck. Either way, I wound up with a man who can create out of wood, just about anything I dream up. I love old, worn, humble pine furniture. No shellac, no enamel. Just plain old painted wood. I often need a small piece of furniture to fit into one of the nooks and crannies that make up our old house.

~Such was the case just last week, when I complained for the 100th time or so, about all the wires that are visible on the floor from my laptop,the lamp, and the cell phone charger. .
"Can you make me a small table with tapered legs to fit into this space over here? Something to rest my laptop on? A place to set my coffee cup in the morning?" Next thing I know, the saw is going in the garage and I'm being asked what color paint I want!

~Here is the darling little table that hubby made for me. We did a crackle finish with Benjamin Moore Cottage Red and Olde Century Colors Lamp Black. Cute as can be and fits perfectly in the awkward space next to my easy chair.

~Happy New Year! Holy Cow!