Monday, September 19, 2011

Back with a Vengeance. I'm back. Back with a vengeance.

Seems the political season has heated up already. In spite of the fact that I often get into trouble with my offspring regarding voicing my political opinions, I've decided to go with it, rather than fight it. Guess it comes with age; speaking up, that is. I will celebrate my 70th birthday next week. I think I'm developing a bit of attitude. I remember my dad, who lived to be 98, saying things like, "I paid for this road, I can drive however I want!" Or..."I've lived longer than you so I know what I'm talking about."

My dad also loved to argue about politics. He and I came from different points of view. We would often argue until I was blue in the face. (Note that I said, "I" was blue in the face. Dad would just sit back, relax, and enjoy every minute of my frustration.)

But something happened to me throughout those years of arguing, discussing, whatever you might call it. I learned that it's important to have a political opinion and to voice that opinion, even when it's not popular. Standing up for one's beliefs is often difficult. It can cause hurt feelings (and migraine headaches)! But if we're all passive and constantly worried about being politically correct, we risk being run over by a giant truck called government.

There are two camps in politics. One believes in the individual. The other believes in government. Individual liberty versus socialization are two firm positions that come with plenty of fodder for argument. The argument is good and extremely important...and the argument shouldn't be stifled.