Monday, November 2, 2009

Lighting Update....

The day after I wrote my earlier post, the new light fixture arrived. It's up and we're enjoying the nice, soft glow it casts on the wall. I'm using a small, seven watt candle bulb that seems perfect. The fixture is simple and not too big for the space. (Hubby said to try and pick out something that wouldn't get in the way of bringing things up and down the narrow staircase.) Thought I'd ad a little bittersweet for a touch of color.

Finished a new apron today. I'll put it up online as soon as it's photographed. We're taking a road trip on Wednesday to Wrenthem MA to visit With Heart & Hand, one of my favorite shops. They have the most extraordinary selection of fabrics. Really unique things, among them....homespun cottons, silk scrim and the most unusual cotton prints I've seen anywhere. Hoping to find several choice pieces for my aprons and perhaps some homespuns for making pillows and curtains for our old house. Heart & Hand has always featured a couple of rooms of primitive furniture and decorative items as well. Keeping fingers crossed that it's still the case, since I haven't visited in a few years. I'll let you know!


  1. I love your charming primitive light fixture. I hope you enjoy your trip tomorrow and find all the treasures you are looking for.

    Have the best day fill with unexpected blessings!!!

  2. Gretings from another Bay Stater! Love the wainscoting and light fixture!

    I use to make the drive to With Heart and Hand often when they were mainly primitive. The last few times I made the drive, I was very disappointed. And the last time I made the drive, I went specifically for the fabric loft and it was empty! The website said 'hundreds of bolts' and there were very few. Certainly no homespuns. Have they added more back?

  3. It was last year that I made the trip. What was worst was their attitude. I will never go back!!


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