Thursday, April 8, 2010


It's been a whirlwind around here since the weather broke. Sunshine and glorious blue skies each and every day. As nice as that is, it puts a lot of pressure to get outdoors and enjoy every minute, which we obediently do!
A visit from our Ohio daughter and grandchildren was wonderful. Beach every day and we hit as many favorite eating establishments as time would allow. We're not avid shoppers, but we took granddaughter, Emily, to the Melbourne mall one evening in search of a prom dress. Everything looks fabulous on Emily so it's difficult to narrow things down to just one. But...she found a dress at a very good price. After stopping for chocolate shakes, we all came home happy.
I also got to photograph Emily in some of my aprons for my etsy shop while she was here. As you can see here, "Chocolate Pudding With Sprinkles" and "Purple Punch Batik" take on a new dimension when Em wears them.
Still sewing but trying to sneak in the beach whenever I can. Only a month left here. Gotta get it all in!
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  1. Emily is just beautiful, but I know I'm not tellin' ya anything new. Shoot, she could wear a beautiful apron to the prom and pull it off!!! I can only imagine how hard it would be to find "the" dress when they all look fantastic! Yes, go...go enjoy the beach while your there. NOW!!!! Heehehe!

    You have a beautifully blessed day!


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