Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summertime on Old Cape Cod

~Summertime. Feet up on the porch. Cold beer in a keg. Hot dogs and burgers on the grill. Simplicity. Laughter. Sun kissed faces. Towels on the line. Flip flops in the entryway. The sound of the screen door slapping shut. Inhale it. Feel it. So pure and good and simple.
~Living on Cape Cod brings a special meaning to summertime. We have little pieces of salt stuck in our screens. We live with the low, drone of the fog horn lulling us to sleep each night. We have a hard time deciding which seafood restaurant to go to on any given night because they are all so good. Today the waters of Vineyard Sound were lapping upon the shore and tiny whitecaps were visible everywhere. Boats were heeling over, beholden to the wind. Tomorrow might be the exact opposite with calm seas and limp sails. It's ever changing. Always a surprise. Always beautiful.
~The beach roses are spent but the honeysuckle is just coming into its own and the sweet fragrance is intoxicating as I ride my bike along the Shining Sea bike path each morning. Being outdoors. Watching runners, bikers and walkers from our perch on the front porch. Passing fresh faces each morning on the bike path. Movement. Energy. Emotion. It's contagious.
~Thank you God, for letting me live here on Old Cape Cod.


  1. We are leaving Saturday morning from Ontario to spend two weeks in lovely Cape Cod. I spent many summers there as a child and into my's my favourite corner of the world :) You are blessed! xo

  2. Oh My it sounds like heaven! We will be traveling north to Mass. this summer and really need to make plans for all the places we want to see.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  3. Oh honey, I can almost smell the fresh saltwater air and feel the mornin' mist from the beach on my face. You paint a mighty temptin' picture there girlfriend!

    Ya'll have a delightfully blessed day!!!


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