Thursday, September 16, 2010

~Ahhh...Fall. It's always beautiful in New England but especially on
Cape Cod where the sunlight on the water in the morning takes on the look of a gazillion diamonds. Keeping the flower beds and window boxes looking good is a task in the summer with long days of full sun and sparse rainfall. Perfect beach weather but tough on plants.

~This time of year, with shorter, cooler days, the flowers seem to thrive. There's color everywhere. Our sedum plants have taken over the front cottage garden and will have to be removed this year.....but in the meantime, we're enjoying the blast of gorgeous color. Sedum is an odd plant. Its blossoms stay green all summer long and look like little bunches of broccoli. Come the end of August, they slowly start to turn; first a soft pink, graduating to the darker mauve color they are now, soon to become a dark russet. I always leave the seed heads on through the winter because even after they dry and turn dark brown, they look beautiful...especially when snow falls and lands on their pretty faces.

~At the moment, we're enjoying the butterflies and bumble bees that seem intoxicated by the
sedum's gifts. It's all good.

~Working on two aprons for a special order. I don't usually accept special orders but these are for a special friend so an exception is being made. It's a whole different ballgame. Not sure why, but it takes me twice as long to do a special order.

~Ordinarily, making an apron or anything else it like painting a picture to me. It's a ride on the imagination train. When I am confined to specifics like color, size, etc., it becomes work! But, as I said, this special order is for a special person, so I'll not complain.

~Be sure to check out our web page at to see what we have to offer.
And enjoy this beautiful time of year.


  1. Oh sweetie, your Sedum is just beautiful, a plant I would love to add to one or more of my gardens. I will once again hang on to every last thread of summer I can and go kickin' and screaming into the nasty winters we have here in the Ozarks. Sorry, I just can't help myself!!!

    May God bless your beautiful day!!!

  2. Joanne ~~ Your Sedum is Beautiful .... I dont seem to have any luck with the plant (deer) I should move the couple of plants I have. Would love the look your green thumb has created. :-)
    EnJoy the Season ~~ Hugs ~ Connie xox

  3. Plants look beautiful, Joanne! I just cut everything back today so it all looks new but bare! Happy October!


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