Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

~Valentine's Day.

~Sweethearts, lovers, close friends....everyone likes to take the opportunity on this day to show the folks they love just how much they love them. Cards, flowers, candy, jewelry. A marketing bonanza.
~Hubby and I just exchange cards on Valentine's Day. The habit probably stems from our younger days when we had barely enough resources to run the household, much less spend on ways to state our love for each other. Therefore, the card and what it says, means a lot. I always tell hubby that whenever I get mad at him, I read the cards I've saved that he's given me over the years. Since neither of us is very outwardly demonstrative, we often express things in writing that we don't express in words or actions. I think that's that way with a lot of couples.
~One of our daughters gets an interesting gift from her hubby each year on Valentine's Day. He writes a sonnet for her. Now a sonnet is more than a poem. A sonnet follows a strict rhyme form and a specific structure. It has 14 lines following one or another of several set rhyme-schemes. A sonnet is not that easy to compose and takes a lot of thought. Anyone who has had a sonnet composed specifically for them may consider the sonnet composer to have been extremely caring.
~Our daughter always comments on how her hubby is so cute about his sonnets. He can never wait until Valentine's Day to reveal his poem...always having the need to recite it the night before. Very dear, indeed.
~I love the sincerity of the sonnet. But I know my hubby wouldn't know where to begin. And I always find the words in the Hallmark card he gives me to be straight from his heart.

~Happy Sweetheart's Day everyone!


  1. Awwww...a sonnet has to trump Hallmark!

    You have yourself a marvelous Valentine's Day sweetie!!!

  2. your aprons are wildly wonderful. the modeling of your fashions is a very fond memory...and beven's emily will surely enjoy. as for the valentines...all is well...we all have our ways, and if you could have seen my mothers display which brought me to tears on the forth would know that the sonnet weather it be shakes or hall is all of the heart and where it is at!

  3. I know your day was just fabulous! Today I smelled spring!

  4. I am new here and enjoyed this post very much. I was suffering from a migraine on Valentine's Day! No fun at all. Finally getting better each day. I love your blog title. I am sewing clueless so I am intrigued by the talented bloggers here. I hope you will join me too Anne

  5. And happy Bring-it-on-Spring!! to you, too! Don't you love this weather? I gotta get myself outside now.

    big hugs girlfriend,


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