Sunday, May 29, 2011

Criminal Minds

Scary and Gory things make me uncomfortable and I hate to cry when I'm watching a movie. You know...that knot you get in your throat trying to hold it back? But for some unknown reason, I am addicted to the TV series, Criminal Minds. Talk about scary and gory!
Last night, I almost sobbed out loud when one of the main characters, JJ, was forced to leave. Then there's Dr. Reed, a quirky somewhat gawky young genius who has a eidetic memory and can rattle off facts a mile a minute. Hotchner, the leader of the group, almost never, ever smiles. But the episode where his wife is murdered, opens up a wave of emotions that let you know he does feel things, after all. Garcia comes off as the wacky but sweet and brilliant computer gal who can check out a profile online quicker than you can say, "Gotcha." But she's got a great big heart and a special relationship with the hunky Derek Morgan. Emily is the smart, serious one, who wears her weapon with style and doesn't hesitate to use it when needed.
Criminal Minds involves the FBI's behavior analysis bureau. Their job is to analyze clues and information gathered from a crime scene to figure out the personality, temperament and intent of the killer in an effort to prevent another murder that is certain to happen in short time according to the plot. I think I'm more addicted to the characters than the stories. Whatever it is, I find myself sitting up alone at night, wide eyed while munching on something or other watching the BAU do their stuff. As soon as hubby goes to bed, I walk around and lock all the doors, even the garage entry door (because that's how a lot of criminals find their way into the house), making myself nice and safe knowing that I'm going to hear noises that really aren't there for about an hour. Since stalkers are one of the more consistent profiles in Criminal Minds, I find myself wishing I didn't hate curtains as much as I do. Our windows are bare because it's a look I love. But at eleven o"clock at night, when I'm sitting all alone in the dark, I wish I could close the blinds that don't exist.
Chalk it up to quirkiness, I guess. For me, it's the best entertainment on TV at the moment!
Of course, I should be making more aprons and blouses for my online shop instead of sitting watching television.

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  1. Joanne, Something else we have in common ... I love, love, love Criminal Minds and all the characters. I too lock up the cabin like FT Knox and sit here curtain less shaking in my flip flops. Best acting & writing on tv. Even with the few character changes the show just works. Fingers crossed we get to enjoy a few more seasons before they cancel the series.(as they do all good shows) Then we can relive in re-runs.
    Happy Memorial Day !! Hugs ~ Connie xox
    PS .... When I was a kid I wanted to work for the FBI.


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