Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Life for a Painter's Tarp

~Fabric is expensive...especially decorator fabric. Several years have past since I made a quickie slipcover for the the small, barrel swivel chair in our living room here in our little Florida condo. When I decided it was time for a new one, I was shocked to find that the necessary five yards, even at half price would cost me $75-$100. Now, that wouldn't be too bad if I was sure I could cut and sew a slipcover that I would be happy with in the end. But if I hated it when it was done, I couldn't take it back.

~Then, I remembered the cotton painter's tarp we bought last year at Lowe's. At the time, I remarked at what nice fabric it was; sturdy, woven cotton in a natural burlap color. And quite inexpensive. If I blew the construction of the slipcover, I would only be out fifteen or twenty dollars at the most.
~So...with the help of my husband who crafted a pattern out of shipping paper, and inspiration from reading Teresa's I started cutting and sewing. End result? We like it so much we're trying to figure out how to slipcover the sofa!
~Where there's a will, there's a way.

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  1. What a Neat Idea .... Looks Great Joanne !! Good Luck on the Sofa. Hope you are enjoying some sun & nice weather down South.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  2. Excellent fix sweetie and it looks designer great!!!

    I'm off to check out your newest Indigo babe!

    God bless and enjoy that warm was 22 here this morn and the power was out!!! Burrrrrr!!!


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