Saturday, July 18, 2009

No complainin' today.

We've had a good stretch of sunny weather. I almost welcome the rain this morning. I won't have to water the flowers. Our Queen Victoria's plume, pictured here, is moist and full on this dewy day.

Not much to report since last time. I'm still a bum in the sewing department. My etsy customers must think I've abandoned my shop. It's just not the right environment around here in the summertime, to haul out all my fabrics and trims, etc. in order to cut and sew some new items. I need quiet time to be creative. I dragged everything out one day last week and before I got to even sew a seam, daughter Joanne called about going to the beach and that was the end of it. Hard to stay indoors and sew while the sun is shining and the beach is calling. Of I went, leaving the scissors and thread and sewing machine abandoned.
We lost a dear friend this past weekend. She was 89 so those who came to honor her life essentially were a gathering of friends who hadn't seen each other for a long time. It was actually fun to catch up. Just the kind of environment that Isabelle loved herself. Going back to Connecticut is always like a reunion of sorts for us. It's where we spent the big chunk of our lives when we raised our four children, so there are a lot of attachments and reminders.

I am sitting here this gray, drizzly morning writing this, listening to the fog horn. Not sure why I love the sound because it inevitably means no sunshine! But, it keeps me focused and reminds me of how close the water's edge is. Being near the water is something I never take for granted. It's like nourishment to me. When I don't have it, I feel starved. I remember the three years we spent living near Chicago when hubby transferred for his job. I felt as if I'd been dropped in a hole. The neighborhood where we lived had a community swimming pool but it was always crowded and noisy. The nearest thing to water for me was Lake Michigan. It's so enormous that it almost comes close to feeling like the ocean, but not quite. We bought a small sail boat and trucked it to the big lake each and every weekend to get our "fix," so to speak. But, I never quite felt right. The droning sound of that fog horn on mornings like this certifies that I am truly home now. And home this time, is in a truly spectacular place.
Sooner or later, I'll get back to making aprons. In the meantime, check us out at

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  1. Hi Joanne ~~ Isabelle will surly be missed, I Thank God she went peacefully at home, may she rest in peace....I have called our friend a few times...I am hoping she will be okay by herself. We too have had wonderful weather...we must enjoy while we can.
    Sending Hugs from the Cabin ~ Connie xox


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