Wednesday, July 8, 2009

After several gorgeous summer days here...
we are back to the rain and drizzle. But...we did get in two days at the beach. Daughter Patti visited from Vermont with her three little ones, so we felt blessed by the warm sunshine and balmy breezes. A spectacular show of fireworks with a bird's eye view from the shore topped off our July 4th. Having young feet around is a trip. We never know what to expect next. When one is relaxed and wanting some quiet time, another one is wired and wants to play tag. I now know where the meaning of "never a dull moment" came from. Must have been someone with lots of young children. Of course, they are all so adorable you could eat them. The house will be quiet now for at least a few weeks. The teenagers don't make much noise. They are either working, facebooking, texting or sleeping. Oh...I forgot eating. They are always eating. But they are quite independent and don't ask for much. I try to maintain my "summer rules" about keeping their rooms in order. Sometimes they fail, but for the most part, they try to keep things reasonably neat.
I plan to get back to the sewing machine now that the house is quieter. I've been a complete failure since we got back from Florida. It just seems that there is always so much work to do on the house. Hard to find time to sew. My apron stock is sorely depleted. Meanwhile, the outside of the house trim, fences, decks, etc. all need painting. Hubby is limited this summer because of his back. However, his exercises are making him stronger and he's been able to do a lot more than he had anticipated.

I found two interesting "deals" recently. The Sheraton chair pictured here, I found on Craig's list for $30 while I was looking for sofa. The ladder back chair was at a yard sale for $5. It looks very old, partly because the seat is quite low. I've learned that the height of the seat is a good clue as to the vintage of a chair. People were shorter generations ago. Most of the furniture from the 1700s and 1800s is of a much smaller scale and height. Both chairs have very sound rushing on the seats. Replacing the seats in chairs of that age is costly and the major reason why people sell the chairs rather than fix them. For that reason, I felt fortunate to get them for next to nothing. The fact that they are black was an added bonus. I use a lot black in decorating our home because I find it is a grounding color that accentuates everything else.

I hope this will be the last post I write that doesn't feature a new apron. I'm determined to have something new added to my etsy shop to show you next time. Until then, check us out to see what we have at


  1. I adore your chairs. Especially the one on the right.

    My name is Teresa and I am a chairaholic...

  2. Hi Teresa,
    I too, am a chairaholic. Our attic is full of them! One of these days I'm going to do a post about our dining room chairs that came from the prison wood working shop in Auburn, NY.
    Thanks for commenting.


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