Monday, September 21, 2009


Finished painting the pergola...(per·go·la (pûrg-l) arbor or a passageway of columns supporting a roof of trellis work on which climbing plants are trained to grow...Sure hope the pink roses grow back. It was a rather dramatic beheading. But there's a sign of life sprouting on the tip. (See pic of stump.)The pretty fence in the background actually belongs to our next door neighbors. They designed it in such a way so as not to make us feel entombed. One's right on top of the pergola. Not much room for a gal like me to fit a ladder in between to paint the backside. The choices were...(1.) the neighbors get to look at peeling paint or...(2.)I figure out a way to get in there and up there. Looked around the garage at all the objects hanging and noticed a very small, very old, very wooden 3 step ladder. Remembered that I had picked it up at the dump one day from the "Pick of the Litter" building. That's a spot at our local landfill where you can bring useful things and take useful things as long as you don't make a mess and the things are in good order of sorts.The adorable little ladder fit perfectly in between the space and was the absolutely perfect height for me to reach the top of the beast. So now, it's done. All white and pretty. I'm pleased and impressed with myself.
On Sunday, I began the not quite as easy task of scraping the front porch deck to prepare it for painting. Those nasty little stones from the driveway get wedged in between the boards and make much work for old knees. Did a "shout out" for my padded knee garden pants. Perfect. They're such a clever design. Little pockets in the knees where you slip in little, square foam rubber pads. You can take them out to launder the pants and then just put them in again. Genius!
This project will take some time. Once it's finished, I'm done for the season. It'll be back inside to sew. My etsy shop needs more stock in preparation for the
holidays. Lots of cute aprons and tops listed now, but we need more. Check us
out at


  1. Wow, a lot of work , but looks like it will be worth it. Just read your post on special orders...I can soooo relate... with my Father Christmases.

  2. Hi Joanne ~~ Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. You did a great job looks Beautiful, you poor thing between all that painting and the 16 mile bike ride...yikes, I give you a lot of credit...I would be in lots of pain.
    Hey I do hope we get to meet next time you are down. :-) Hugs ~ Connie xox

  3. Happy Birthday Joanne ~~ Hope your day & night are wonderful.
    Sending Birthday Hugs & Blessing ~~
    Connie xox


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