Monday, September 14, 2009

What the heck?

Where'd the sunshine go? And it's dark at 6 o'clock! Turning myself inside
out trying to get the hang of it not being summer anymore. Even the mailman asked me this morning, "Where did everyone go?" He had become accustomed to greeting us on the front porch each day when he brought the mail...(we are addicted to having our morning coffee out there.) He'd even have a dog biscuit in his pocket for the visiting Lab, Max. What a guy. But...that's suddenly all over. Seems like the doors & windows are closed
and the TV is always on. It signals "being inside," which I don't like.
In order to force the summer to last longer, I've committed myself to scraping and painting our pergola. It's usually covered with pink roses, but this year, the roses suffered some sort of a blight so we've cut both vines down to the quick. Alas...that exposed the awful condition
of the paint so here I go again. Scraping and painting. Not my favorite job. I'm almost wishing it was a rainy day so I would be tempted to stay indoors and sew. I hate painting! But I'm doing it. (See...Old lady painting. Looks like the old lady needs a work-out with the weights on her arms.) I'll show you the finished product when it's done.

I guess the sewing will have to wait for the moment. This is turning
out to be more of a job than I'd thought!

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  1. Oh I wish I had a pergola like that. And the roses are gorgeous. Hope they recover nicely. Good luck with the painting.

  2. Thanks Teresa,
    My husband built the pergola several years ago. He's got that gift....creating what I see in my head.
    I hope the roses will grow back again next year. It was very traumatic, cutting them down.
    Take care,

  3. I know what you mean, the summer gets away too quick, doesn't it? Looks like you have a big job on your hands, but I'm sure you'll be glad when Spring comes around and your pretty roses are growing up over a freshly painted trellis. Don't work too hard!


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