Sunday, October 18, 2009


A surefire recipe for cooking up cozy. It's only October 18th, but it feels like December on this dreary, rainy, cold day. It's actually snowing not far from here in Foxboro where
our beloved Patriots are having a romp over the Tennessee Titans. The Titans obviously aren't accustomed to playing football in such weather. But we New Englanders are always ready for anything.
I felt like cooking today. I felt like baking. And...I even felt like putting the little candle lights in the windows. A bit early, I'll admit. But why not? Halloween is just around the corner and our house sits back a bit from the street. The little window lights make it seem more welcoming. And I love the way they look and feel now that we lose the daylight so early. So, I did it. The neighbors might talk and my husband thinks I'm crazy. But the little lights make me feel happy. So be it.
Didn't finish the apron I started because I got sidetracked with the lights. There are twenty of them to put up and they all have to be checked out each year for dead bulbs, broken wires, etc. Pay us a visit anyway, if you haven't lately, at
An adorable new red batik apron that I made yesterday is up on the site.


  1. I know. The Ponderosa sits in southern Missouri where we have had 10 straight days of rain and temps 25 degrees below normal. I lit a fire in the fireplace Saturday. Once we uncap it we keep a fire going until spring. Yesterday morn it was a whoppin'26 here and the black frost has arrived so I going out to chop down my dead, sad flower gardens.

    Ya'll have yourself a wonderful Monday!!!

  2. ANSWER: Good morning Joanne, I generally pull up my annuals dispersing their seed on the ground and working them just a bit to reseed for next spring saving some seeds for friends and family. The perennials I cut down if they are just plain old ugly or the birds do not feed on their seed. Those perennials that produce seed that the wild birds feed upon I leave for their pleasure and hack them down before spring growth.

    What do you do?

    Have a fantastically blessed day!!!


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