Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sweet and red and juicy.

That's the only way to describe my cherry tomatoes. I love my tomatoes. My cute little cherry tomatoes. Still producing here on October 7th. Still providing a hearty snack for hubby and me. They are firm and ripe and pop in your mouth when you eat them. Delicious. Pretty. Healthy. Love them.
I put in only one plant each year because one plant produces just enough for us. Hate to think of myself running around the neighborhood, trying to hand off an excess of tomatoes. Just enough is just enough. I dig a small hole each summer near the outside wall of the outdoor shower and put in just one little plant. It grows and intertwines with the honeysuckle vine that grows upward. The vine suitably holds up the entire plant which makes me very happy because there's no need for one of those unsightly wire cones or even a stake to hold up the plant. You almost don't even know it's there. Nature does the job. I love it!
When the tiny little cherries start producing, they are near at hand. Each morning, after I enjoy my sunny, fresh aired outdoor shower, I pick a handful and bring them indoors, setting them out on a little dish on top of our counter. Some are still not quite ripe, but they turn a deep red quickly indoors. (And yes, I'm still enjoying the outdoor shower even on October 7th. It's still beautiful and sunny and warm out there.)

I fear the tomato windfall will end soon. The nights are beginning to chill here on Cape Cod and it's getting dark earlier and earlier each afternoon. Tomatoes need sunlight and warmth.
But, I'll not complain. This year's crop has been outstanding. I just love my tomatoes.

In between gathering tomatoes, I'm sewing some new aprons for
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  1. Those look scrumptous! Lucky you for having a fall harvest!!

  2. Teri,
    I should have brought you some when I came to get my hair cut!

  3. There's nothing quite as delicious as these little jewels. I plant mine right out my back door. The grandkids clean me out when they visit spouting, "there is nothin' like a juicy tomato right off the vine" and POP they're gone. My vine is still loaded but a heavy frost is predicted over the weekend.

    Have a great day enjoying your harvest!

  4. Its raining here today..so an outdoor shower, and a juicy red tomato sounds Divine. EnJoy the last of your summer pleasures.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox


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