Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas
Cape Cod.

~Here it is, five days before Christmas, and I'm starting to stress about all I have yet to do. Had the mistaken assumption that once all was, apron orders, etc., that I was done! Reality really smarts when it slaps you in the face. Eighteen plus inches of snow doesn't help a "last minute lizzie" either. All the shoveling done today will no doubt be drifted in tomorrow. I'll need Santa's sled complete with several very buff reindeer.
~Ah...but all the little kiddies must be happy, and that's what Christmas is all about. On the other hand...I'd still like to get my shopping, wrapping, baking and cooking done before Friday.
~Hoping that through all the stress of the season, you find the Santa Claus within you.


  1. Joanne ~~ Talked to our friend tonight, I called her to wish her a Merry Christmas, the baby will soon be making an apperance.
    Sending you Hugs & Best Christmas Wishes.
    Connie xox


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