Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heading South....

~Packing up. Making lists. Programing the GPS. Getting out of this cold! Good Lord, it's gotten cold here in the Northeast. Reading 17 degrees at the moment on our trusty LL Bean thermometer although it's nice to have central heat in this old house after so many years. Many a night we sat here watching the rug blow up and down as the wind barged through under the old floorboards. When your house foundation consists of granite boulders spaced few and far between the sill and the ground, it's an open invitation to not only the blustering howls of winter but a few critters looking for shelter as well. Oh, the stories I could tell. But now we're toasty and warm here on the inside. Ah...but I miss being able to go out in the yard and fuss around. It's just too cold and everything is frozen solid. So, it's off to warmer parts.

~We enjoy our winters in Florida, something I never thought I'd be saying. When hubby first suggested going for two months many years ago, I agreed but secretly harbored the fear that I'd go nuts after three weeks. To my surprise, I loved every second of it and the time just flew by like those giant pelicans that swoop overhead while we're taking in the rays at the beach. Now we're there a little more than four months. It's all good. Fun loving people...most of them bionic, but full of spit and vinegar nonetheless. Someone should do a documentary on the life that seniors lead during the winter in the sunshine state. Most of our neighbors and friends range from their mid seventies to their mid eighties and they all run circles around hubby and I who are the babies of the bunch. Not a group to take pity on, that's for sure.

~So we're off. The picture along with this post is credited to one of our southern neighbors who had the good sense to get out of Dodge early and was there for the shuttle launch in November. We spend the winter along the Space Coast where the temps never get much over 80. (I don't like it too hot!) Watching the launches at the Kennedy Space Center from our beach across the street is just one of the advantages of living in our area. The nighttime launches are the best.

~I'll pick up with a new post when we arrive sometime next week. We meander on our way down and make a vacation out of the trip, stopping along the way to visit friends and family. I'm grousing right now at all the work it takes to get ready but I guarantee I'll have a big smile on my face when I'm sitting in the sunshine next week!

~Oh...by the way...I do take my sewing machine and all the makings for my aprons with me.


  1. I just got back and it was a bit cold but NOT as cold as this!! Help can I move in with you for the winter??, I hope your holidays were fabulous and that the New Year is great also!! Safe trip!

  2. Have a safe trip down ,you lucky gal you! We woke up to snow this morning on the Ponderosa. UCK! I'm so not a snowbunny. I do NOT like doing chores and feeding critters in the cold stuff. I'm thinkin' here when ya'll get settled...maybe a visit??? Heeeheeehe!

    Have a wonderful New Year and may God bless ya'll!!! :o)

  3. Joanne ~~ Safe Travel, its snowing here this morning...looks Beautiful but the roads are a mess already. Healthy Happy New Year, will catch up with you when you are settled, in the sunshine.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  4. My in laws keep trying to covince us to come to SC for a month but winter doesn't bother me enough to leave my family - yet!!

    Have a delightful trip south and enjoy the warmth!!

    warm hugs, Linda

  5. Oh wish I was heading south with you. I'm such a warm weather person. Have fun and thanks for stopping by for a visit.

  6. , I hope your holidays were fabulous and that the New Year is great also!! Safe trip

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