Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Pile!

~There's a pile on my floor and table. It's fabric. Blues, reds, greens, browns. One as pretty as the other. But they're all over the place. I have no room! There's another pile. It consists of elastic, ribbon, trims, and appliques. Then there's the bag of thread. And the jar of buttons. All this couched in a small space in our cute little Florida condo. Whew!
~I was never the most disciplined kid on the block. I was the one coming up with wild ideas. I was always organizing something or other that required costumes or uniforms or a function that needed fabric and trim. Once in 6th grade, I organized a cheerleading squad for the 6th grade basketball team. I loved the cheerleading part, but I reached fever pitch when my mother gave me 4 cotton percale sheets and a box of dye out of which I created the most darling cheerleading skirts for all of us girls. They were powder blue. (Never mind that our school colors were green a white. Mom had a package of blue dye, not green, so blue it was.) They were circular skirts that opened up fully when we twirled around. We all had to wear tights underneath lest our underwear be exposed. Oh, how fantastic they were! Our disorganized
little squad got out on the floor of the gym during every break and cheered our hearts out, twirling till we were dizzy. We were glorious.
~And so it continues. Even into my retirement years. I am surrounded by fabric and the rest of the lot. Dreaming up aprons in my head now. Pretty aprons. Cute aprons. Practical aprons. Each night when I rest my head on my pillow hoping to drift off to sleep, I imagine the next one. Will it be green, will it be blue, will it be yellow? Have to check the pile.
~The pile, by the way, continues to grow. Whenever and wherever I see fabric, I am drawn to it like a bee to honey. My heart beats a bit faster and my step quickens. Most women get excited when they see shoes, or handbags or designer fashions. I get all a flutter when I see fabric.
~And so it goes. The pile grows. The imagination wanders. The inspiration comes. And a new apron appears. But first...I have stop gawking at the pile and get back to work.

~Check and see what comes out of the pile next at


  1. I can so relate to the fabric pile growing! You see some fabric and can't help yourself and imagine what you will make with it. It is like with the fabric I got from Ikea - I am dying to make a slipcover or drapes with it! I love your aprons. I have made a few with Amy Butler fabric as well. I posted about it a while back. I am now making a baby quilt with the leftovers!
    Condo in Florida- how nice. When we lived in Virginia were loved the fact that Florida was a day's drive! Now we are too far.....

  2. You can never have enough fabric! I just got a couple yards at a flea market. Haven't got a clue what I'm going to do with it, but I just couldn't pass it up!

  3. Oh, baby it's good to see that your mojo is definitively pushed into high gear! Just nothin' better than a beautiful pile of fabric.

    Ya'll have a fantastically blessed day just dreamin' up your lovely aprons! :o)

  4. What is it about fabric that excites us so much? I love fabric by the yard and in things made up already for the home...especially older things. I love to mix them, feel them, use them, redo them, and be surounded by them. Piles of books and piles of fabrics...Such fun! :) Sara


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