Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Christmas!

~Sometimes, when I read the posts of other bloggers, I ask myself why my posts often sound hostile. Most of the blogs I frequent are filled with beautiful photos and sentiments, often having to do with the season. Mine are often filled with complaints or strong, opinionated feelings. Sort of makes me wonder about myself.
~Anyway...this post is about Christmas and I've linked into one of my favorite blogs.... . I've been decorating the house earlier and earlier each year because we head south right after New Years which necessitates dismantling everything in a hurry. I want to enjoy it all for as long as I can. We've had a primitive twig tree for the past ten years or so. Ours is one of the originals so it has almost as many brown twigs as it has branches. I like that about it. Makes it look rustic and natural. Decorating a twig tree poses a bit of a challenge since ordinary Christmas ornaments and decorations don't really suit it. The other issue for me is that our tree sits in our bay window. Lots of light filters through it during the day posing a problem of making it look excessively bare. For many years, I stuffed the bare spots with dried hydrangeas. Loved the way it looked because the hydrangeas turn a golden brown by Christmas time and the color added to the rustic look. But then I read an article about dried hydrangeas being a fire hazard...they go up like tissue paper! So off with them after reading that. I now use dried Marsh Heather, which for some reason, always seems to have some moisture in it. Also bought some artificial hydrangeas that are a deep burgundy that gives the same illusion of the dried ones except they add a bit of color. Add to that the tiny black felt crows I acquired years ago from I think, The Gingham Goose in Rochester, MA, and our tree looks a bit different from any other. A few years past when I found those new, tiny lights on the thin brown wire online, I was thrilled because they are perfect on our tree since there is so much more brown than green. Now, they sell them in primitive shops so I've been able to add more light over the past couple of years.
~My brother-in-law makes fun of our tree each year in a very loving way. "Did you put up that brown tree yet?" he asks each season. Sometimes, I think I keep it decorated as such just to give him something to crank about. One year, I added gold angel hair and I really liked it but I haven't been able to find it again. Another year, I added plaid wool bows but ended up taking them off because they looked too cute. I think I'll just leave it the way it is.
~On another note, the same brother-in-law who jokes about our tree, gave me a sled several years ago, that he had found in my husband's childhood home when things were being sold and thinned out. It was most likely handmade by hubby's great grandfather. It's one of those things I cherish. I actually never put it away...even during the summer months. It has a home in the aforementioned picture window and our family pictures sit on top of it. At Christmas time, I put it out on the front porch leaning up against the batten door that was one of the first things hubby made for me when we bought this old house.
~Although I've always found the Christmas season to be hectic, there are certain things I love. Decorating and gift wrapping are at the top of my list. If I could just find someone to do the shopping for me, I'd be set.
~Here's wishing all of you in blogland a Happy, Healthy, Merry Christmas and a bright and hopeful New Year.

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  1. Joanne ~~ Lovely Post .... but I love all your posts ... even the "hostile" lol ones. Dont change a thing ... not your posts or your twiggy tree. I'm sure its Perfect just the way it is ... no matter what you Brother in-law says. How neat to have the old family sled it looks great decorated outside. Talked to our friend Cathy today ... going for a visit this week ... hope someday we can all sit around her table and talk. Wishing You & Yours a Blessed Merry Christmas & A Healthy Happy New Year ~~ Hugs ~ Connie xox

  2. I just discovered your beautiful blog. I love all your decor. It is so warm and welcoming. Love the family sled and all your silver pieces.... hugs ~lynne~

  3. Hey, Just stopping in for a quick visit. Everything looks like a Quaint New England Christmas at the Cape. Cathy xox

  4. Never found a hostile note in your blog and I love to read it!! Don't change it!!!


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