Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year

~A New Year....Is it really something special when it happens? Or is it just the same old...same old? I must confess that around here it has become just another year. But deep down, I know it is something special. It's a rebirth for many folks; a chance to look at life with new aspirations. If you're overweight, you swear yourself on a diet. If you are a shopaholic, you cut up your credit cards. If you are a bit lazy, you join a gym. But what happens to those best laid plans?
Usually, by mid January, you are back to your old habits, completely forgetting about having resolved to do this or that. Yet, every once in a while, someone, somewhere sticks to his or her resolution and life changes in a good way.
~I've known people who resolved to do something about their weight on New Year's Eve and then really did something about their weight. And it stuck!
I guess the good thing about making a New Year's resolution is that it shows how humanity always holds out hope. No matter how many times you break a heartfelt resolution, you usually make another one the next year. Hope usually comes with a strong sense of passion. It feels good to hope.
~Hubby and I are just about ready to head south. Except there is snow looming in the forecast on the day we want to leave. It will be hard to wait, even a day or two. In my old age, I've become completely intolerant to cold. Hubby says my
circulator doesn't work. The cold starts in my feet and spreads to my calves and soon overtakes my whole body. When we were young, we could hardly wait for snow so we could ski. That's what winter sports do for you. Make you wish for snow. But these days the cold means inactivity which leads to being...well... cold. Now that the hustle bustle of the holidays is over, I can't wait to get into warm sunshine, balmy breezes and sun, sun, sun. I can take my daily walk without freezing; fiddle around in the patio without a down jacket, drive to the store without warming up the car first. Lovely, simple thoughts that make me very happy. Florida, here we come.
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  1. Happy Healthy New Year Joanne ~~ Wishing you & Hubby a Safe & Peaceful Drive South. I'm on day Two of my New Year resolution ... lol Blessings & Hugs ~~ Connie xox

  2. Oh sweetie, that granddaughter of yours and the apron are just gorgeous.

    I must say I'm sittin' here with the fireplace 'ablaze and the furnace roarin' listenin' to the incoming weather forecast with highs in the teens, just a little ( big, huge, ginormously) green with envy.

    We've got pastures filled with wild~eyed cattle that forbids us to head for the warmer climates. I'm sure a year round summer gal too. Nope, this one has never ever pretended to be a 'snowbunny'!!! Heeeehehehe!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a marvelous trip and please do soak up some of those golden rays for me. "K"???

  3. Have a safe drive south. We used to go south in the winter too in our RV but the stock market put an end to that for us. Sure do miss it. But we have a roaring fire in the fireplace and food in the pantry. And I think blogs are to express ourselves. You may be just to critical of what you write.

  4. Have a fantastic winter, Joanne! You can bet I will be thinking of you with envy this winter!! Stay warm and healthy and I will see you in the spring!!

  5. That apron is sweet as is your beautiful model!


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