Friday, April 17, 2009

Another day, another apron....

I'm having a difficult time getting back to the sewing machine. Having had everything put away for almost two weeks during spring break and Easter got me out of the groove. However, I did step up to the plate and complete a really pretty half apron for a friend who winters here in the complex. She's giving it as a gift. When she picked the fabric out of my stack of stuff, she said she'd like it made "wrong side out" which I think turned out to be a smart decision. I've called this little apron "Spring Flowers" because it reminds me of such. The creative feature is its ruffled "V" pocket which took some time to make but was fun, nonetheless. I find that no matter what I make with my hands, I get off on a tangent. The fabric always tells me what to do. And this pretty, uplifting cotton print seemed to call for something feminine and sweet. The ruffle on the pocket is done with the "right" side of the fabric so it has just the right touch of contrast with the softness of the rest of the apron. I'm very happy with this one and I hope the recipient of this gift is happy as well.

We're still dealing with hubby's back issue. The verdict is that he needs an operation called a laminectomy, where they take out part of the bony area that is compressing the nerve at a given point in his lower spine. He still can't walk or stand but he's perfectly comfortable lying down, sitting or driving. Thank goodness for small favors! He'll try a series of epidural shots first and if that doesn't bring relief, it's off to the surgeon. We'll wait until we get back up north in that event.

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous for mid April. Usually, it starts to get hot and even a bit humid by now, but this entire winter has been so much cooler that it seems to be resulting in spring being cooler as well. Good for us.

The "tea parties" that were held around the country on Wednesday (tax day) piqued my interest. And the sarcastic coverage by the media got my attention as well. Guess we know where their political allegiance lies.

Oh's blue skies and warm breezes for us for at least another few weeks until hubby can get a few of those shots in his back. Keeping fingers crossed that they work.

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