Friday, April 24, 2009

Lots of Sunshine!

Lots of blue sky. Absolutely top notch weather here in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida. Not very good weather for staying indoors and sewing, though. I'm having a hard time with that. Every day lately, is a beach day here. I'm going to try really hard to tie myself to the sewing machine this morning and work on one of those frothy, semi-sheer tops that my etsy customers seem to like. I enjoy making those because they are sooooo very pretty.

I added two new aprons to my shop this week. They are both homespun prints in red with lacy trim and lots of old fashioned tucking. One has a toile print pouch pocket in front. I've named this apron, "See the Children Laugh and Play".....sort of a play on words from the old "Mary had a little lamb" nursery rhyme. That's what came to mind when I looked at the finished product and pondered on the pocket print that is of little children romping around. You can see a close up of the pattern if you go to my etsy shop and click on that apron.

The other one is simply called, "Red Polka Dots and Lace". Both aprons are styled in our own, custom, Aprons Gone Wild baby-doll bib design with the little tucks at the bib. You can see how cute they fit by checking out my etsy site and viewing the pictures of our Emily in her modeling mode.

On the hubby back front....the first epidural shot seems to have had some effect. He's a tad bit better and walking straight up, except he still has some pain in his legs. Two more shots should do it and some physical therapy as well. We'll probably not head home to Cape Cod until after Mother's Day so we can fit all this in. As long as the weather here stays like it is, and doesn't get too hot, I'm a happy camper.

We had dinner last night at a restaurant on the riverfront called, "Squid Lips." What an awful name. But, what a terrific restaurant. There was no recession there. The place was packed, yet the service was fast and friendly. Terrific food and some great T-shirts with that awful name emblazoned on the back. Picked up a couple for our grandson and one of his friends.

Off to walk, then shower, then sew, then the beach. Life is good.

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