Friday, April 10, 2009

Missing Home...

I'm beginning to miss our home on Cape Cod. Not completely...but it's starting. I'm thinking about the grass beginning to turn green and the violets in our flower beds starting to bloom. The daffodils and narcissus that grow in bunches around the back deck are probably just about budding. And the forsythia bushes are no doubt in full regalia along the driveway.

Missing early spring is a sacrifice we're willing to make each year in order to stay here in sunny Florida for a bit longer. But, I can't deny that I think about the new life popping out all over the place back home. Hubby is still pretty crippled with a back problem that just won't quit, so we're wondering if treatment for that will keep us here even a few weeks longer than anticipated. We'll see. I hope not.

Today was a gorgeous day at the beach. All the fishermen were out along the shoreline with their great long poles. I never see them catch much of anything but they sure seem to enjoy the act. Fishermen always draw pelicans near and they never disappoint. So much fun to watch them wait with extreme patience for just the right moment to pounce on a piece of bait carelessly left out by a distracted man with a pole. Quite entertaining!

This Easter weekend, we are gathering together with friends and family for Easter brunch at a hotel in Cocoa Beach. Last year, the feast was outstanding, so we're hoping for a repeat performance. I can never eat my money's worth at an "all you can eat" affair, but it's fun to have the casual atmosphere of wandering around, checking out all the stations with their scrumptious offerings.

I miss the coloring and hiding of eggs that once was our Easter Sunday...followed by dressing the girls in their Easter finery that I had spent weeks making on my old sewing machine. Our son, of course, had the only store bought outfit since I wasn't that accomplished a sewer to make a boy's suit! The Easter hats were the most fun. I would buy plain straw hats with big brims and decorate them myself with silk flowers and ribbons. The girls always looked adorable and our son always looked proud and serious on the one day of the year that he dressed so formally. Off to church we'd go to praise the Lord and show off our outfits.

But now, it's just the two of us and we dress rather casually here in sunny Florida, although we do choose the fanciest tops and pants in our closet on Easter Sunday. I'll buy some pretty Easter flowers for the table and be sure to have a bowl full of jelly beans as well. There won't be an egg hunt but there will be Mimosas for the group of us before we head off to brunch. If the weather is its usual beautiful Florida self, we'll probably come back for a swim in the pool.

I haven't been at the sewing machine in two weeks and have no new aprons or tops to I've posted one of our prettiest semi-sheer blouses already in stock named, "Midnight and Roses." It's sewn in our own, exclusive peasant blouse design with short, deep cuffed sleeves, and a matching fabric rose that's attached to the elasticized neckline. I did take some orders from folks here in the complex for new aprons which I will get busy on next week. Hate to have the sewing machine and ironing board out on Easter Sunday so it's put away for the moment. Lots of beautiful fabrics in my fabric bags so I'm eager to get back to my routine of "an apron a day" (or at least, the effort of an apron a day).

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And a very Happy Easter to all.

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