Sunday, June 14, 2009

I've been a flop this week.
I'm usually full of plans and ideas, but this week, I'm just flopping around. I'm getting sick of hearing myself complain about the gray skies and almost constant drizzle outdoors. But, each morning, when I wake up, I just want to roll over and go back to incentive to jump out of bed and start my day. I like it when the sun lights up our bedroom early in the morning. On those days, I lie in bed for a few minutes and think about my day, going through all the steps of all the things I want to do. But, on these dreary, drizzly mornings, the only incentive to get up is the thought of that first cup of coffee.
I had a nice email today from a shop owner here on Cape Cod. She was inquiring about aprons, but I was most delighted to learn about her shop location...a place I know well. "Yummy Goods," as it's called, is located in a really neat old building in W. Barnstable. There is an old fashioned General Store that's been there as long as I can remember. Yummy Goods is next door in the same building in the spot of the former post office. When I checked out the Yummy Goods blog, I learned that an upcoming movie scene was being filmed there recently. Named, "The Lightkeepers," it stars Richard Dreyfus, Blythe Danner and Martin Scheen. Cool.
I've got some really nice fabrics to work with in the next few weeks. Always a tough decision as to whether to make aprons or blouses. I guess I'll let each piece of fabric dictate its future.
Check us out at for some really cute aprons like the one Emily is wearing here.

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