Wednesday, June 24, 2009's still raining.
Heard a weather report this morning that said Cape Cod has only seen two full days of sun since
June 2nd. How's that for depressing? Our daughter and her family arrived from Ohio last week,
expecting to be spending our visit sitting in the sun at the beach. Instead, we've been stuck
in the house, eating and playing board games and napping, while the rain pelts against the windows and leaves branches and whatnot blown around messing up the deck and front porch. Yikes!
This morning, I couldn't sleep so I got up before 6am and took advantage of the break in the rain to sweep the water and debris off the decks, pick up the yard a bit and just feel fresh air on my face. I'm not an indoor person. Not an athlete, or anything like that. I just like fresh air in my face. I like to have the doors and windows open, sensing the outside air. I love sunshine. It's probably why I enjoy our four months in Florida each year. Just about every morning while we're down there, I wake up to bright sunshine. When I open the front door to get the morning paper, the sun warms my face. People are out walking their dogs, smiling, enjoying the warm salty breeze that comes off the ocean.
That's often the scene here on the Cape in the summertime. But even though June is never a really warm month here, it's hardly ever this dreary and rainy. None of our outdoor painting projects have even begun. Luckily, I got the back deck sanded and painted before this streak of rain hit. I have a hard time finding a time to mow the lawn and even when it's stopped raining long enough to do the job, the grass is always wet and heavy, making bagging a real effort. Whine, whine, whine. Maybe I need wine, wine, wine.
I've also been waiting for some nice weather to photograph our granddaughter, Emily, in some of the aprons and tops I made while in Florida this winter. Things always seem to sell better when Emily is modeling them. Three more aprons went out of my etsy shop this past month, all as gifts to women in Aruba! Since they were delivered, I've noticed some Aruba visits to the blog site. Hopefully that means the recipients are reading the info on the tags we place on every apron.
I've recently subscribed to a magazine I first noticed at my hairdresser's place. It's called, "Lucky." The sweetest clothes are featured. I think it will help keep me up to date as to what's in style and what buyers are looking for in this market. Lots of great separates put together as outfits with .com addresses to almost all the places for purchasing.
Hope you'll check out Lucky magazine and check out our etsy shop as well, at

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