Saturday, January 9, 2010

~It's cold in Florida too!~

~I'm not feeling particularly prolific the past few days. There's always so much to do trying to settle in when we get to our place here in Florida. I hate unpacking just as much as I hate packing. But we do have a "real" closet here with lots of room...unlike the one free-standing wardrobe thingy we have back at home. It's just that everything looks wrinkled and forlorn after its been in the car for four days.~

~Hubby carted along his inversion table this year so he could "decompress" while here in sunny Florida. I'm quite impressed at the way he has taken a severely debilitating back condition and single handedly corrected it to the point that he can now walk again and do most of the things he always did. Faithfully doing his PT exercises, riding his bike and hanging upside down several times a day seems to have healed areas of his spine that were in line for surgery just last March. Just look at him...isn't that impressive? It always pays to try and do everything you can before having back surgery, but self help remedies don't always solve the problem. In his case, they seem to have worked. However, bottom line is that we have a huge piece of equipment sitting in the living room. But...some inconveniences are worth the trouble.~

~You all probably know that the temps here are chilly. However, it's a good week for us to get everything cleaned and in order without working up a sweat. Today, it's raining, but I need to grocery shop and do a Walmart run anyway. We always enjoy our home no matter where we are, so we'll probably take advantage of the weather this afternoon and read, blog or play on the computer...comfortably nestled in with no threat of snow!~


  1. It sounds like a good just to settle in. I am a little jealous, -7 here on the Ponderosa this morning. Our normal temps here in southern Missouri are usually in the low forties this time of year. But after tomorrow we'll be back above freezing. Whoopee!

    Have a great time in Florida and a great weekend!

  2. Aww geez, I'm in SC right now hoping to reach Florida tomorrow and don't want it to be cold! Have fun getting settle ~ It should warm up soon. Judi

  3. Glad to hear you guys arrived safe and sound. By the time you are all settled in, Im sure your temps will have risen and you will be enjoying some nice weather. Glad your hubby has been able to find a solution to his back problems, good for him.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  4. Happy nesting! Jealous just the same!! Have a wonderfully warm winter! So that table really works? Does the blood in his head bother him at all??

  5. Wow, look at daddy's face. It is sooooo red!


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