Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Eyes Have It!

~Mothers and daughters....So different yet so alike. I came across this photo of myself and my three daughters recently and couldn't stop looking at it. We all are so different, but so much alike. Visually. It's in the eyes. Hazel it is...the four of us. And, I think it's in our smiles. Big, toothy grins, always. Happy faces. Happy souls.

~Couldn't help but compare the photo of my girls and me to one of the few pictures I have of my own mother with her two sisters and my grandmother. I never knew my grandmother but Mom always said she was a sweetheart. I just know I would have loved her. My mother is the one on the left. The three sisters resemble each other somewhat, at least in the photo. I only knew one of them personally and she looked a lot like my mother...especially in the eyes.

~Our son has the eyes, too. Tiger eyes, we call them. Big like his father's and hazel like his mother's. In the little Connecticut town where our kids grew up, people could always identify them as a family member by their eyes. The eyes have it! Yes, they do. The eyes have it.


  1. A very sweet comparison of the two mother~daughter pics. The eyes are the window to the soul. Your fam was blessed by very special eyes.

    Have a marvelous day fill with blessings from above!!!

  2. Love the two photos...Beautiful Ladies all of you. And yes the eyes have it. Hope you are enjoying some warm weather...Im sitting here with my morning tea watching the snow fall.
    It looks Beautiful...fresh, white & clean.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  3. What fabulous smiles! I know first hand how beautiful your eyes are ! I happened to be going through some boxes of old photos for my daughter wanted some of my Mom and I am surprised (!) how much my sisters and I and my Mom look alike!
    Hope you are warm as I sit here listening to the cold wind howl through the trees and see the clouds running by the full moon!(It's 2:54 am)


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