Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pretty in Pink with M'nMs and Chocolate Syrup....

Finished the newest apron for my online shop yesterday and its name came to me immediately. It's styled in a gorgeous strawberry pink and chocolate brown cotton batik fabric. Baby-doll pleats at the bib, extra long ties and a fully lined pocket. Tiny, colored buttons (the M'nMs) along the bib and pocket edges. Comes with its own coordinating ditty bag.


  1. Oh honey, this is way to pretty to cook in, but it's just right for sittin' on the front porch with a long tall glass of iced tea and eatin' some sweet M&M's. It's just beautiful.

    Enjoy this fabulous day!!!

  2. Strawberries and chocolate...yum! So pretty!

  3. Very pretty. Keeping busy sewing are you? Good thing sewing keep me from buying more fabric! Yikes, there will be a local quilt show with bookoo vendors in 3 weeks. Saving up.


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