Friday, May 1, 2009


May 1st. How did that happen? It's about time for us to start packing up for the trip back home. Our daughter, Joanne, who lives right around the corner, reports that our lawn is very green and very thick. Time to mow. It's amazing how lush the lawn always looks this time of year. Yet, by mid August, it's dry and thirsty.

I haven't been making much progress in my etsy shop lately. When I got my online etsy bill, it was so minuscule, that I got the message; I hadn't listed very many new items. It's not easy to stay indoors and sew on these beautiful Florida beach days. Discipline goes right out the window. We're the last ones here of our winter snow bird friends. It's quiet at the pool and there are few cars in the parking lot. I would imagine the year 'round residents would enjoy the respit during the summer months. But, many of them say it's too lonely. Today, I vow to make a blouse. Yes...that is my solemn vow.

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