Saturday, March 21, 2009

BUSY, BUSY......

Oh, my...busy days. Lots of sunshine here and lots of items on my plate. Shipped several orders this past week which means one thing....I need to sew, sew, sew to beef up my stock. Aprons Gone Wild will not function without lots of neat items for buyers to look at and...hopefully... purchase. I have two aprons on the hooks ready to be photographed as I write this. One is a pretty blue and white print, and the other is a mauve print with contrasting trim and the prettiest buttons I've seen in a long time. Sweet. On the ironing board is a partially constructed blue batik with denim trim. I'll finish that up today in between washing the windows and screens watering the patio plants and hopefully getting a little sun on my face. The apron pictured here is named, "Miss Modern Mauve." After photographing it, I decided to add beading to the trim on the bodice and pocket edge. It now has that little extra "touch."

We're expecting company at the end of next week. Daughter from Vermont and daughter & family from Ohio. So excited to see them and have them here in sunny Florida, even if only for one week. Although their dad is still hobbling around with a back problem, he's excited about their arrival as well. We are all beach bums so a great vacation to us is just sitting on the beach, listening to the waves, talking a blue streak and dozing off now and then. We're very easy to please!

We've been treated to two space launches since we've been here. Last week the shuttle took off right over our heads. It was spectacular. It's still a big deal for folks here on the Space see a launch. The absolute awesomeness of the thing never gets old. The beaches are always packed before a launch...folks with portable radios listening to the countdown, sharing the numbers with those close by. And...all at once every neck is craned upward, moving in synchronized form as we watch the bright light in the sky move over the ocean and out of sight. Wow.

Back to the sewing machine and the ironing board. Aprons Gone Wild needs stock!

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