Saturday, March 14, 2009

Home truly is where the heart is....

We have a screen saver program that continually rotates pictures from our computer picture files. It's great in many ways because we are treated regularly to pictures of our grandchildren and other memorabilia that bring a smile to our faces whenever we pass by the computer. However, we also have rotating photos of our newly remodeled kitchen back home on Cape Cod. Whenever I see them, I long for the crisp new paint and the extra tall dishwasher that are part of the remodel. Our new garbage drawer pulls out right under the counter area where I do most of my prep work when cooking. I just slide or wipe the counter clean right into the garbage can beneath me. It also has a space behind the garbage for a recycle bin. Makes things even easier yet. Then there's the enormous country sink. It's so deep and so wide that I can actually soak a cookie sheet in it. And the beautiful black faucet that goes with it functions so easily and smoothly.
The open shelving is right up my alley. Just a quick reach and you've got whatever plate, bowl, or glass you want. No opening and closing cabinets. (And, best of cabinet doors left open!) I enjoy looking at our mustard colored dishes and bowls that are in plain sight and...although I don't have much...the yelloware pieces I've collected make me happy. Why put them behind doors? Our ancestors had it right. Open shelving works best. At least for me.
The renovation of our old house kitchen was an enormous task as you can see by the "before" pictures. Hubby did it entirely by himself and it took forever. But the end result was well worth the wait.
And so, whenever that screen saver program pops up a photo of our kitchen back home, I pause and smile and think about how much I enjoy just looking at it as well as being in it. Not to take away from our sweet little place here in Florida. It's lovely and we truly enjoy it. But that old house back home on Cape Cod, with its new kitchen toys, is where my heart is.


  1. Mom,
    This got me all backed-up(as Patti likes to put it)! I guess the truth is....your home is where my heart is too!

  2. Wow - seems like many moons ago when the kitchen had the white cabinets...Glad you documented it so that everyone can see the dramatic change! Home is where the heart is!


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