Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love feedback. On my etsy online shop, feedback from buyers lets me know if my designs are being well received. On my apronsgonewild blog, feedback in the form of comments, or the traffic feed lets me know if anyone is reading what I write. Feedback is good. It's like a paycheck. When it's complimentary, the check is big. When it's not...well...you can guess. So far, the feedback on my etsy online shop has been all good. But, I still worry, each and every time I ship out an order. People can be very particular sometimes. What one person might love, another might not even like. Clothing of any kind is usually quite specific to the user. Even an apron can be a fashion statement for some folks. And there's an even bigger chance that the peasant tops and halter tops I make might not fit right or be what the buyer had imagined. So, I always worry whenever I ship an order. I nervously wait for the feedback.
So far, my etsy shop feedback has been 100% positive. Last week, I shipped out an adorable lady's apron and a hunky men's apron to the same buyer. It was a big purchase and I wondered how the buyer would feel when she saw the items in person....not just on the computer screen. Turns out, I needn't have worried at all. The buyer's feedback comments were above and beyond what I could have hoped. Matter of fact, she wrote that the lady's "Love Me Tender" apron would be passed down as a family heirloom! Imagine that? And she added that her husband was newly inspired and exceptionally handsome in his "Hot Chocolate For Men" apron. Ah...I love feedback.

Spent this past weekend working on two new blouses for my etsy shop. One is a semi-sheer peasant top I've named "Espresso Latte" because it's a beautiful, rich dark brown with silvery white flowers that just have a hint of color. There's a matching fabric rosette on one side of the neckline. The other is a halter top in Michael Miller's carnival print...a fabric that was suggested by a customer. The latter is not a fabric I would have chosen myself, but now that the top is finished, I rather like it. I wonder what the feedback will be on these two?

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