Monday, March 9, 2009

Fantasy Girl...

Seems like a lot has happened since I last wrote a post. Hubby hurt his back and we spent most of last week running around to doctors. There's a medical facility of some sort on every corner here in Florida. The health of an aging population seems to be a lucrative business. All things medical appear to work well and efficiently.

I did manage to get a new top made over the weekend. I really like this one. It's light and frilly and oh, so pretty. I named it Fantasy Girl. I'm not sure's just the name that came into my head when I looked at it all finished on the mannequin, ready to be photographed. You can check out the details of Fantasy Girl on my etsy online shop at

I've just cut a pretty mauve paisley fabric for a full apron. I had a hard time choosing from all the colors and prints in my stock for this one. That big pile of fabric in the corner gets my juices running just looking at it. Some women get excited about clothes...some about shoes or about jewelry. But...I get excited about fabric. To be able to create things out of beautiful fabrics and have people like them and buy them is a fantasy fulfilled. I guess that makes me the actual "real life" Fantasy Girl.


  1. Love this one. What a great style! Bethanny needs to wear this!!!

  2. Thanks Jo. You just never know what with the way that show goes!!


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