Friday, May 22, 2009

Somehow in the midst....
of all the work we have to do around here, I managed to whip up another apron. This one is a half apron, made out of
Amy Butler's "Seeds in Okra" with her "Royal Garden in Turquoise" fabric for the pocket. One thing about making half aprons is that I find I can spend a bit more time being fancy with the pocket. This one has a "V" opening with a ruffle (see close-up). It's cute. I like it. Check out the details at
It seems like there is just sooooooo much to do each spring to get the house ready for summer. I like to be relaxed when our daughters and their families are around. But, I have this "fault" that prohibits me from enjoying myself unless all the basics are taken care of. In other words, I can't enjoy myself at the beach, or sitting on the porch, or going shopping...things like that...unless the trim paint is touched up, the windows are washed, the decks are painted, the outdoor furniture is bleached and scrubbed, the flower beds are weeded and edged and the lawn is in good shape. Not to mention the guest rooms being scrubbed from top to bottom along with the guest bathroom. This year, we have some extra projects. The garage doors are looking sad, the front fence needs repair, and our favorite zero gravity chairs are showing peeling paint and worn out supports. I'm guessing it will all get done, but I have my doubts about the yard sale I'd planned for the last weekend in June. Just one look at the attic and I cower in fear of how much time and effort it will take to get all that stuff organized, priced and set out for a sale. My big ambitions might have to wait a year.
The problem is age old; not enough energy. We're slow starters and we peak after about two hours. It's rather frustrating when I think of the things we once were able to accomplish in half the time it takes now. I've been trying to discipline myself lately to get outdoors first thing on nice days. It worked yesterday, but this morning, I ended up sitting in that zero gravity chair for over an hour, sipping coffee and enjoying the warm sun on my face.
We'll probably end up getting everything done but it won't be without some stress. Such is life on Cape Cod in the summer.
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Lots of pretty aprons and a couple of new summer tops that I really enjoyed making.

On a serious note...a "Thank You" to all those whose sacrifice we memorialize on this Memorial Day.

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