Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Memorial Day has come and gone.

Not only does our little town of Falmouth memorialize its fallen veterans on Memorial Day, but each year, that day signals the beginning of summer here on Cape Cod. The added traffic on the streets and in the stores is evident. Families gather not only to celebrate but to open up their summer homes and begin the best months of the year. Flags were flying all over town yesterday. Three of our neighbors who live behind us, have huge flag poles. I love seeing the red white and blue flapping in the wind each morning when I get up and look out the window. Our flag hangs on the front porch, flat against the house. I like the way that looks as well.
Funny tidbit...the first year we hung the flag against the house, we had a visit from an elderly gentlemen. He had a little "flag rules" booklet with him and very politely and gently, informed us that we had committed a grievous error by hanging our flag with the field of stars in the wrong direction. "Left is right," he told us. The field should always hang on the left side when the flag is displayed flat against a building.
Fair enough. I've never forgotten that visit. I often ride by a home or business and am tempted to stop and inform the inhabitants that their flag is not displayed properly. It's an important symbol and justly deserves proper respect.
We spent most of Memorial Day, working on the house. (What's new?) I tackled the attic again, sorting and moving things around, still with high hopes of maybe, just maybe, having a yard sale at the end of June. Hubby painted the door sills in the new kitchen. A little sun time and then it was off to a barbecue at our daughter and son-in-law's house just around the corner. All in all, a productive weekend with a nice finale.
Two more aprons have gone into the "sold" column from my etsy shop. I'll have to get to the sewing machine soon or my stock will be sorely depleted.
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