Thursday, May 14, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.....

Arrived home on Monday late afternoon, to sunny skies and green grass. Lots of Violets blooming in the flower beds. Our Bleeding Heart plant is huge this year and the cluster of Narcissus that forms the corner under the Rose of Sharon is in full glory. The inside of the house looked wonderful. Our dear friend, Robin, had come in before our arrival and spiffed everything up so that the furniture was clean and free of dust and everything looked welcoming. She had even swept the front porch, set out the summer chairs and hung a red Impatiens plant on the porch beam.

Our daughter, who lives around the corner, had filled the fridge with milk, coffee cream, cold beer, a homemade mac 'n cheese casserole and a beautiful homemade carrot cake! And, our dear son-in-law had made me very happy by mowing the lawn. I had feared we'd come home to tall grass and dandelions on the front yard. It was a nice welcome, indeed.

Our home on the Cape is completely different in decor than our Florida condo. Since the house is nearing 300 years old, we have tried to keep it in a colonial style while adding some of the more subtle modern twists that make life enjoyable. It's as if we enter a completely new life when we come back here. Unlike Florida, there is much to do each and every day in order to keep this place up. It nudges us as soon as we wake up in the morning, with reminders of what needs to be done. We started on Tuesday with the flower beds, painting the fence, washing and bleaching the outdoor furniture and trimming some of the hydrangea bushes. As we progressed around the property, we kept adding to our list of things needing to be done. It actually felt good to be productive. Although we love and enjoy our four months in Florida, we do get complacent which is not good for our waistlines. It's impossible to become complacent here on the Cape. My mind is whirling with things that I want to accomplish before the summer gang arrives.

Although hubby's back isn't much better, we've discovered there are a lot of things he can do while sitting. He painted the fence around the cottage garden in front of the house this week and also sanded and painted the old fridge in the garage that we fire up in the summer to hold drinks and extras for the grandchildren. And he trimmed a lot of the bushes around the house while in a sitting position.

It will be a while before I get back to the sewing machine. I still haven't unpacked the many parcels of clothing, shoes, fabric, books, etc. that we towed back from Florida. I honestly don't understand why we cart so much stuff. It never changes, even with the best intentions.

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