Sunday, May 3, 2009

I did it!

I actually got one more top sewn before I pack up my sewing stuff for the trip home. It's another "one shoulder strap" baby-doll top in a pretty sheer print that reminds me of the jungle. I named it Jungle Sheer. It's frothy and frilly and happy with an added thin shell button to the handmade fabric rose and a little touch of feathers to add interest. I really like this top. Such fun to make things that although I can't wear them myself, I can imagine them on just the right person.

Spent the better part of today stripping the patio of all its adornment, including the tiny white lights that make it look so pretty at night. I washed all the empty flower pots and brought in the wrought iron folding chairs and table. Since hubby is laid up, I'll have to do most of the travel prep myself. I'm making an effort to do a little each day so as not to be overwhelmed at the last minute. We're looking toward a schedule of leaving here on Saturday and arriving in NY on Sunday. Then on home to the Cape on Monday. I hear the grass is very green and growing. Hoping our grandson, Jonathan, will get it mowed before we return.

Hard to leave this gorgeous Florida weather. It's usually too hot here by now for us, but this year, the temps have been much lower and it's just about perfect right now.

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