Thursday, February 5, 2009

An Apron A Day.....

An apron a day. That's been my goal since we arrived here in sunny Florida two weeks ago. I haven't met that goal, but I'm cranking out quite a few, nonetheless. We're having a bit of trouble photographing the aprons here because the light isn't as good as it is back home. Plus...I don't have our beautiful Emily to model them. Something about an Aprons Gone Wild apron on Emily says it all. No need for a description! But, alas, I'm left to use my plastic mannequin which leaves out a lot of personality. The fabric in today's apron is especially pretty. We've named it Jade Garden because the fabric is of the prettiest Jade Green paisley print on a dark brown background. Soft percale allows the baby-doll bib design to hang like a hankie. It's as cute as your prettiest dress. Check out the details at
We've been experiencing really cold temperatures here on the east coast of central Florida. This morning the thermometer read a mere thirty degrees. Imagine that? I finished another apron today because we're indoors again. I call this one Black Tea. I love tea and the colors in this apron reminded me of black tea. You can read all about it at
Rich decided to snap a couple of pictures of me sewing the Black Tea apron. I hate having my picture taken. But, then I thought it might be fun for you to see where I do my sewing down here. It's a make-shift operation on the dining table. But it works out okay. I have the ironing board close at hand and that's of supreme any of you who sew will agree. Our little piece of winter sunshine here is not flashy but it's cozy and has a certain flair. I never thought an old house buff like me would be content in contemporary surroundings, but for 4 months a year, I find it rather relaxing.
Tomorrow is supposed to be the beginning of the warm up here, so maybe only one more apron is in the offing over the next few days. We'll see.


  1. I absolutely love the fabrics in your latest run of aprons. I just cannot decide which one I like best! Love the pic of you sewing too!

  2. Love the black tea paisley. It is so cute!!

  3. "Thanks," Anonymous and "Thanks," Joanne. Love having your feedback!

  4. I love the blog and the aprons are beautiful!
    Looking forward to reading more. . .

  5. Hi Maggi!
    Thanks for visiting. The blog is fun and somwehat like writing Emily's Country Quarterly was for me...I get to babble on and on about whatever I want. Good to have you here!


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