Friday, February 20, 2009

When the Going gets Tough, the Tough get Going....
Are the economic woes having an effect on Aprons Gone wild? Who needs an apron when they can't pay the mortgage? Because we hadn't had an apron order since the end of January, I wondered. But, there's a bright there usually is, even in the darkest of times. We wrapped up Chocolate Drizzle and Baby Doll Brown this week, and took a special order for two half aprons so apparently, things are still on track.
Sometimes I wonder if the woes of the nation are a self fulfilling prophesy. Just about everyone I speak with says they are afraid to spend any money. However, in reality, we still can't get a seat for dinner at any of our favorite restaurants unless we get there by 5pm. Even on Cape the dead of winter, the local spots are bustling and all the tables are full. what's going on? I for one, feel fortunate that as a family we have always enjoyed the simple things in life. We're not fancy folks. Give us a nice pair of jeans and a good looking shirt and we're all set for anything. Dinner "out" to us, is usually a pizza and a pitcher of beer. We enjoy a good movie now and then and we really love the beach. We're easy to please. I guess it's harder if you've become accustomed to a more grandiose way of life.
Not to deny that many folks out there who have simple tastes are hurting nonetheless. Often, through no fault of their own, they fall on hard times. I'm just not sure if the constant barrage of negativity doesn't feed upon itself, making things worse. When you feel often give up. I hope that's not the case, but I somehow fear it might be.
In the meantime, I'll continue doing what I enjoy...sewing things for my etsy shop with hopes that orders continue to come in. This is my first winter on, so I have nothing with which to compare. As I check off Chocolate Drizzle and Baby-Doll Brown as "sold" I'll continue to be optimistic that even in a bad economy, every girl needs an apron.

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  1. Happened upon your blog thru Lori/Notgorgotten Farm. Enjoyed reading & took a peek at your Etsy your aprons!

  2. I love the simple life too. Although, I wish I were, where you are right now ;) And like you, I believe things are going to get better. There are plenty out there who don't feel the pinch, and continue buying. Your aprons are so cute, they will continue to sell.


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