Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why Do You Write That Blog?
Blogging! What fun! It's like keeping a diary...writing about small stuff that goes on each day, and big stuff that happens occasionally. It's good therapy. Everyone should have a blog. I like reading other blogs about homes and decorating, but there's a blog world out there of topics that surpasses even the wildest imagination. I inadvertently came across a blog the other day that was about women's health. It made me realize that folks who are going through a medical crisis can hook up with other folks going through the same thing...share their experience and help lift spirits.

For me, blogging is therapudic in a different way. It helps me keep a record of my etsy apron shop. It gives me feedback on what's working and what's not. I look at the apron photos in a different way on the blog. I analyze the colors and the patterns through the eyes of a reader, not a buyer. I gain a better feel for how they fit into the world in which I see them.

Blogging helps me critique the work we're doing on our old house, as well. We're here in sunny Florida now for the winter, but each time I share one of the photos of our new/old kitchen, I am reminded of the transformation that took place and all the work my husband did to make it happen. I am always right there in the forefront with ideas and musings about what we should do and how it should look. But he's the one who actually makes it happen. We're a good team.

There's only one problem with blogging. It takes a lot of time out of my day. I get caught up in reading other blogs and looking at pictures. This morning, I've already spend nearly an hour looking at pictures on a Canadian blogger's site. She often has a slide show of a house tour and I can't tear myself away. I haven't even opened our daily newspaper yet and it's already 8:25am.

I did, however, produce a new item for my shop yesterday. I'm not totally useless! It's a really pretty turquoise colored peasant top made up in an Amy Butler fabric called Royal Garden. I also made a string of turquoise colored beads on rawhide to go with the top. I think it looks perfect. You can check out the details at

The sun is shining. It's already 70 degrees outdoors. I think this will be a beach day!


  1. Hi! I found your blog through "A Cottage to Me" and it is lovely. I am a huge fan of aprons, and yes, I do coordinate them to my kitchen - haha! I liked your post about why you blog and I agree with you 100% - especially the part about getting so caught up reading and looking at pictures. Sometimes I'll go to check my email and 2 hours later I find that I have somehow ended up at yet another blog! So much fun to read them though!!

    Have a great evening!

  2. Wow - so many beautiful new things on Aprons Gone Wild!!

  3. Yes - I am addicted to others blogs also! So much so I never have time to write on my own blog. You have beautiful aprons by the way! And I came to your blog, let's see, somehow - I was looking to see your kitchen cupboard make over, they do look lovely, but couldn't find any before pictures. We also live in a 150 year old farmhouse in Michigan, and we did paint our very cheapo cupboards country blue a number of years ago, but now I would love to paint them white, since we don't get much sunlight in there. Anyway, just thought I would stop in and say hi!

    hugs from Michigan - Diane


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