Monday, February 23, 2009

Whole Cloth....

I'm wrapping up another two aprons for shipping today. Love Me Tender and Hot Chocolate for Men will have new owners. I always imagine the people who will wear my aprons. Some buyers have etsy online shops of their own which gives me a peek into their personalities. But others, are simply shoppers who register on merely to make a purchase. Often, a buyer will write me what's called a "conversation" on etsy. I love this. It makes me feel connected because, you see, I get rather attached to the aprons and tops that I create. Handmade means something sort of special. When you start with whole cloth, you take something with no identity other than the color and design of the fabric. In my world, it could end up as virtually anything....a pair of drapes, a tablecloth, a pillow sham or an apron. The fabric almost always dictates its own fate. There's an odd sort of communication that no one else hears but me. My fabric corner holds so many beautiful batiks and paisleys and calicoes. And oh...those gorgeous Amy Butler prints. What a world of colors and designs. I love them all but they are each very different, which is why I'm always compelled to give the finished item a name. Sometimes I wonder if the name of an apron draws the buyer as much as the finished product. Does our Cocoa Beach apron ignite a memory of a spring break in sunny Florida to a northerner who is slogging through a bleak New England winter? Does our Buttercup Batik tickle the fancy of a pure romantic who dreams in fields of buttercups and daisies? Is Falling Leaves in Russet reminiscent of what some find to be the most beautiful season of all? It's any one's guess. But, it's my little fantasy because fabric is a wonderfully inspiring thing.

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