Monday, February 16, 2009

Prints & Chintz and all that....

A Warm Up! Finally. Temps should be back up in the 70s this weekend. Yeah! I need my vitamin D. A little sun bathing is in order. We've decided to do a couple of small projects here this winter since we're feeling a bit "spent" from the kitchen remodel back home. Rich is going to paint the upstairs bathroom vanity and put new tile down on the floor. This condo complex is nearing 50 years in age. The fixtures are a bit dated, to say the least. We upgraded the kitchen a couple of years ago but the bathrooms are still wearing bell bottoms and beads, if you get my drift. Our bathtub, sink and toilet are a very Robin's Egg Blue! Yikes! Not ready to tear those out yet, so the vanity will get a nice, clean coat of white paint and the floor tile will be white with a little gray/blue tinge. I'll use my camouflage talents to dress it up with some nice towels and soaps and it will be just will be terrific. I'll post some pics on that when it's done.

I decided I have enough aprons for the time being which leads me to my other chronic disease....making blouses and tops. I experimented by listing several in my etsy shop this past year and they seemed to be well received. I've got some absolutely beautiful Amy Butler fabrics that will be spectacular in our Aprons Gone Wild baby-doll top design. I'm working on number one today. A fellow etsian emailed me about making one of my halter tops in Michael Miller's "carnival" print, so I've ordered the fabric from my favorite fabric suppliers, Charlie and Lindsay of Fabric Supplies on the Internet. The lightening speed with which Fabric Supplies ships out an online order is something to marvel at. I actually got a bit carried away on their etsy web site the other day and ordered several beautiful prints. Fabric always inspires me. But, I can't decide which one to pick first! Look for something new soon in one of these beauties on

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