Friday, January 9, 2009

A beautiful, sunny morning on Cape Cod.

What a difference waking up to sunshine. Sure lifts the spirit. But there is snow in the forecast for the weekend. Ugh! I wish Rich and I had planned our escape a week earlier. We'd be heading south now instead of lining up the boots and shovels.

I'll miss my new kitchen while we're away. After waiting so long and washing dishes in the powder room sink, it's wonderful to wake up in the morning and have coffee in such a nice environment. It's got everything I shelving for our dishes, lots of counter space and a great big sink. I love my sink! It's huge and made of black siligranit. I can soak even the largest cookie sheet or casserole dish in it. I also love the open shelving for our dishes. Rich crafted a wonderful plate rack that is incredibly handy. No opening and closing of cabinet doors. No doors left open, etc. It's convenient and it looks good, too!

I'm off to the hairdresser to get a good, short cut before we leave. It's always a problem finding someone down south to cut my hair the way Melony does here. I'm such a baby about my haircuts. I always feel that if your hair looks good, then everything else looks good...but if you've got a bad haircut, you're in trouble no matter what you do. I wonder what today will bring?

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  1. I just wanted to say that I love your aprons and I love your new kitchen. I love that pic. Would love to see more pics of it.
    We are hoping for a little snow here in Va as well. My daughters are eagerly waiting, they wore their pajamas on backwards last night. (they told me that helps the snow fall) LOL

  2. Your new kitchen looks so pretty! Like a picture in a magazine....

  3. That kitchen is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!


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